Michael Parnes – Founder of Old Park Lane Capital

Michael Parnes founder of Old Park Lane Capital

Michael Parnes founder of Old Park Lane Capital

Old Park Lane Capital,(OPL) was launched in 2008 by Michael Parnes. At 26 he was the youngest CEO of an FSA registered stockbroker when the company launched, he arguably still is. His background lay in corporate broking. The level of service offered to AIM/ASX quoted natural resources clients was of a noticeably lower standard. This is where he found his niche. These quoted companies often saw a large increase in share price in a very short period.  Michael was aware that if you pick the right companies, managed by the best people, get the right investors and create liquidity and get the service right you could make clients a lot of money. He’s applied this at old Park Lane Capital. They are now the brokerage of choice for natural resource and mining companies looking to list and dual in the UK.

Old Park Lane Capital has an unrivaled personal service. Their strict adherence to their due diligence policies means only the best make it through the door. Once in the office these companies gain access to the institutional and high net worth clients who retain Old Park Lane Capital as their stockbrokers.  This combination has meant companies looked for liquidity assistance or a listing in the UK is choosing OPL ahead of other companies in the UK and internationally.

The companies that have benefited from their corporate broking service are generally from the oil, gas and mining sectors.  Often these companies are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) or  London Stock Exchange (AIM). They come to Old Park Lane Capital Plc to improve liquidity and coverage via research. Often the companies will have been granted an exploration contract and or production license and will be looking for funding. With Old Park Lane’s track record of successfully launching companies on the UK AIM market they have become a firm favourite.

There is a salient point in the success of Old Park Lane Capital. It shows that good business can be done by the young. It shows that no matter how old you are if you see an opportunity you should go for it. If you apply yourself with the tenacity of those at Old Park Lane Capital you’ll make your clients and yourself very wealthy indeed!